Nov. 20th Greenough Open Mic

 Greenough Sub-Shop hosted its first open mic of the year (that i know of), there the bands including THE FUTURENOWS and LOLLIPOP LOLLIPOP (seen above) played to a packed house.

Two of the guitarists from the FUTURENOWS switched between playing the guitar and hitting it violently in their opening dittie, a slow building sing-a-long. The FUTURENOWS set was uneven at times for the new project which also inclues EXIT REASONS bassist SEAN NOLAN.

NOLAN busted out some sweet bass lines as well as some of his own material including one slow song which proved to be the highlight of the set. Stay tuned for more info from one of his other projects, GLENN & THE MENN in later posts.

LOLLIPOP LOLLIPOP were the highlight of the even sporting a singer with a suprisingly deep and soulful voice they covered John Mayer and soon to be Pete Wentz’ protege ROCKET TO THE MOON.


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