Pachari a Deux


Pachari playing round the campfire
Pachari (right) playing around the campfire…

It’s always great when an old guest comes to visit us again. All grown up *tear*. The first time Pachari hit the studio, we loved his original songs even though we couldn’t pronounce his name. 

However when Pachari is the studio, Sweet Baby Lou hit notoriously emotional (not emo) levels and that’s just what happened when we commissioned Pachari for our Body Part show. Where Pachari played original songs like “E Rizzo,” “NRM” as well as original web exclusives like his cover of Elliot Smith’s “The Biggest Lie” and a totally improvised studio song.


 Pachari Interview

Pachari- “E Rizzo”

Pachari- “NRM”

Pachari- “So Do I”


Pachari- “Untitled”

Pachari- “The Biggest Lie (Elliot Smith Cover)”

Pachari- “Take on Me (A-Ha Cover)”

Pachari Ft/ Pete Rizzo- “Totally Improvised Song”


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