Black Pharaohs Rise


Black Pharaohs rock out on Sweet Baby Lou

The Black Pharaohs and Sweet Baby Lou have a long mysterious history dating back to last year. Wherein as legend has it, the Pharaohs were trampling through the halls of the campus center (the beloved home of WMUA) one night in search of a place to practice their supreme jam-age. As fate would have it, Pete Rizzo one of the show’s DJ’s asked the lost travelers or their intentions and proposed that they one day rock out in the sacred halls of Sweet Baby Lou and his reverends. 

Since then the Pharaohs have become the only Sweet Baby Lou band to ascend to walk-on status, saving the day for our “Valentines Day” show by magically appearing and showering us with their mighty prowess

Behold the fruits of this most mighty musical collaboration…


Black Pharaohs- “Happy Thursday”

Black Pharaohs- “Seditious Song”

Black Pharaohs- “Whole Lotta Love Jam”


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