Lights in the Quarry


Just in time for their May 2nd official release of their first album, “Lights in the Quarry,” the Amherst punk-folk trio Mallory stopped by for their first official Sweet Baby Lou Session.

Kicking off with their self described anthem, “One Hand Extended to You, the Other to Traffic” the band tore through a high energy set that brought a punk energy not usually seen with musicians wielding mandolins, acoustic guitars and banjos. 

The band consisting of Justin Fallon (bass, vocals), Andre Ricard (guitar, banjo, vocals) and Niko Para (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Mallory played a set drawing heavily from their new release including songs like “The Quarry,” “Swinging Against Fascism” and “God and the Details.”

Their CD will officially be released this weekend and for more information you can visit the group’s website. 





Mallory- “God and the Details”

Mallory- “The Quarry”

Mallory- “Swinging Against Fascism”

Mallory- “We Lit a Fire”



Pink Voyd Interview

Walter Stickle (Guitarist of Pink Voyd)


Guitarist Walter Stickle of Pink Voyd
Guitarist Walter Stickle of Pink Voyd

Last Saturday, Pink Voyd, a traveling replication of the music of celebrated rock icons Pink Floyd, hit the Mullins Center in Amherst, MA. Sweet Baby Lou was fortunate enough to lend some luck listeners free tickets to the event, and was also able to score us a sweet interview with the group’s guitarist Walter Stickle. In the interview Walter takes us through the history of the band, as well as his expectations for the show.


Pink Voyd Interview 


Battle of the Bands III

 On Trak & Malado Enter National Competition

On Trak & Malado at the Battle of the Bands

On Trak & Malado at the Battle of the Bands

2009 UMass Battle of the Band winners On Trak & Malado are set to open next weekend for the Spring Concert, however now you can support them in a nationwide competition where they are currently competing against other University Battle of the Band winners. 

According to Song the sponsor of the competition, “the winner of the national level competition will receive a record deal with Song Joust Records. The winner is decided by the Artist who has their song listened to the most for that month.”

On Trak & Malado are currently 200 plays behind the current first place artist and are calling for your support. You can support them and their cause by visiting this by clicking this link and listening to their song “Cloud Nine.”

Support the Cause I


Isn't He cute?

Isn't He cute?

Here at Sweet Baby Lou we have a long history of dedication to a cause. From Sweet Baby Lou and his Anti-peach crusade in the Late 70s all the way up to our latest more arachnid based endeavors. 

Last Thursday a caller brought to our attention the terrible plight that has befallen our eight legged friends, spiders. For more information about this cause listen to our well intentioned caller and here the calls of his most noble plight. Also stay tuned for additional Sweet Baby Lou fundraising in the coming weeks. 

Stomping Out Spider Stomping Charity Call-In

From the Vault VII


In honor of Deja Brew’s final semester show at Seven O’s this Friday, we’re taking one of their choice cuts from the old vault. This one finds the cover artists taking apart Bob Marley’s version of “I Shot the Sheriff” and rocking it all over the airwaves. 

From the Vault VI

The Telephone Company

This installment from our From the Vault series also comes from our jam-packed 40th Anniversary show. This video finds the studio in flux between big name acts like Alex Sacchetti, Motown Man and most notably The Telephone Company who blazed through a reworked version of their one-time epic jam “Madonna.” The new version came complete with The Telephone Company’s hard-edged vocals and roaring intensity. Take a peek. 

* editors note: we apologize for the poor video quality however we are currently running out of our 8G wordpress hard driver, and are currently accepting monetary donations.

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Child Cloning!
Child Cloning Mistake

 Our latest batch of wacky ADs finds The Reverends riffing on everything from Child Cloning to Human Breast Milk. If either of these things appeal to you, we suggest you check out our latest sponsors.

Human Breast Milk

Child Cloning

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