We Keep it Organic


We had our hands full this week with the dynamic duo of Heather McCormack and Julez Sheratt the two lucious ladies that comprise UMass’ own Solo Sexx.

The duo are currently preparing for their April 8th show at UPC’s Battle of Bands which pits them against local area bands for the grand prize of an opening slot for Lupe Fiasco and Girl Talk at this year’s spring concert.

And while those names are still in their rumor stages, the girls are taking no chances putting their strutting stuff behind the beats with the hopes of putting on a show that includes back-up dancers for the judges.

While we wish the ladies luck, these exclusive tracks like “Loquatia & Uniquia” and “Balle Funk” showcase that they have what it takes to compete for the spot. Those of you who can’t make it out to the Battle of the Bands can take solace in the fact that the duo have secured a slot at April 25th’s Extravaganja to be held in Amherst Center.


Solo Sexx- “Balle Funk”

Solo Sexx- “Loquatia & Uniquia”

Solo Sexx- “Nursery Grime”

“Solo Sexx- “Doin’ Big Things”



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