Sweet Baby Lou Page: Jesse Putnam

Jesse Putnam Bio

The ex-lead singer of the infamous band The Do Do Crabs, Jesse Putnam is also an acclaimed solo artist who specializes in obscure covers. While they aren’t the most well known songs, they are sure to make your “songs i need to download list” and Jesse has succeeded over the years at turning the reverends on to many other artists including Big Star, Neutral Milk Hotel and The Weakerthans.

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Sweet Baby Lou Swine Flu Telethon- Spring 2009

Sweet Baby Lou Episode #8


Sweet Baby Lou Page: Jeremiah Montgommery Thompson

Jeremiah Montgommery Thompson Bio

“This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization
It’s the sound of the unlocking and the lift away…” -Courtesy of Jeremiah’s Facebook

Jeremiah Thompson is a UMass senior and one of the first guests on the program. While his attempts at forming a band at UMass never panned out, he still looked good trying, and pumped out some great songs in the process.

Sweet Baby Lou Sessions

Sweet Baby Lou Episode #6


Jeremiah Montgommery Thompson- “Rowboat (Beck Cover)”

Sweet Baby Lou Page: Exit Reason

Exit Reason Bio

Exit Reason was formed in Greenfield, Massachusetts late in 2006 by drummer Tony Interlande, bassist Sean Nolan, and guitarists Jarad Weeks and Sam Wood. Sam takes on the lead vocal duties backed by the smooth harmonies of Sean and Tony. They played their first show on January 10th, 2007 and quickly became a familiar presence in the Western Mass. music scene, releasing their eponymous debut EP in May 2007. They have since opened for popular national acts including Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, and Therefore I Am, and have appeared at such noteworthy venues as the 10,500 seat Mullins Center and the well-known Northampton night clubs Pearl St. and the Iron Horse Music Hall. –Courtesy of Exit Reason’s Myspace

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Sweet Baby Lou #10- Spring 2008


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Sweet Baby Lou Page: Gran Casino

Gran Casino Bio

Gran Casino were a six piece pop-punk band from Waterloo, Ontario. The only international act yet on Sweet Baby Lou, these raucous Canadians crashed at Sweet Baby Lou’s pad for a few days, demanding parties and shouting “weak sauce!” Or or the story goes. Gran Casino describe their own music as “experimental rock” owing a strong influence to bands like At the Drive In and The Mars Volta.

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Sweet Baby Lou Goes International


Gran Casino- “Time to Pretend (MGMT Cover)

Gran Casino- “See it With Your Own Eyes”

Sweet Baby Lou Page: Eric Greene

Eric Greene Bio

Hey folks. The name’s Eric and I’m playing out of Amherst MA at the moment. Thank you to everyone for checking me out. Wish you all the best and I hope you enjoy. Yours truly, Eric Greene. -Eric Greene Myspace

Eric Greene became the first guest to request a spot on Sweet Baby Lou in the Spring of 2008. He has since guested three times with two different projects, but there remains nothing that touches the humor and depth of his original set.

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Sweet Baby Lou Episode #5


40th Episode Spectacular Lineup

Sweet Baby Lou Page: Deja Brew

Deja Brew Bio

Deja Brew was a UMass based musical act from 2008-2009 that played all your favorite tunes from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Sublime to classic rock tunes of Eric Clapton and Bill Withers. Consisting of four members, Scott Borecki (vocals, guitar), Chris Ball (bass, vocals), Ben Andrews (lead guitar), and Ethan Snyder (drums), Deja Brew delivers their music with high energy and good humored fun.

Sweet Baby Lou Sessions

Sweet Baby Lou 21 +


Deja Brew- “Aeroplane (RHCP Cover)”

Deja Brew- “I Shot the Sheriff (Bob Marley / Eric Clapton Cover)

Sweet Baby Lou Page: Becky & Corrine

Becky & Corrine Bio

Made up of two members of UMass Dynamics and longtime friends, Rebecca Downey and Corrine Byrne this duo specializes in sultry pop covers. Corrine handles most of the guitar work while the two double up the vocal power making them a stand out at any open mic night or campfire gathering.

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Sweet Baby Lou Episode #4