Oasis Drop New Album



So here arrives Oasis’ new album with the same question that has dogged every album since “Be Here Now,” did Britains most beloved band finally pull it back together? Or are they still half-assing it. Well the answer seems to be a little bit of both. Depending on how you view it, it’s either a return to form or a mediocre album. However I’m proposing that these are actually both the same thing. The new album is merely mediocre and as such is a return to form in some ways. Yeah some songs rock in the cheese-tastic way only Oasis can dish out “I’m Outta Time” “Waiting for the Rapture” “High Horse Lady” but most drag too long or dont go newhere. In the end a download is worth hearing the new stuff but with the exception of the sweet cover art isn’t worth the $10. -PR


Cannabis Reform Coalition Battle of the Bands

This Saturday the Cannabis reform coalition hosted its annual Battle of the Bands with the grand prize of an opening slot at one Amherst’s biggest area events, Extravaganja. The event was held in the auditorium at the Mercy House at began at 6PM when opening act and event MCs Solo Sexx took the main stage to stir up the growing crowd. The group, comprised of two UMass students Julia Sherratt and Heather McCormick who described their act as “a big middle finger to a consumerist, male-driven circle jerk of a hip hop game.” The ostentatious duo sported some outrageous outfits including lime green pants and silver jackets while running through songs like “Balle Funk” and “Nursery Grime.” Mixing their spit-fire flow with hilarious choruses like the repeated “white people dancing”over thumbing techno beat, served to get people dancing before the start of the show.

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Sweet Baby Lou Page: Damon Reeves

Damon Reeves Bio

Damon Reeves was born and raised in suburban Boston, the first child in what became an extended family of artists (painters, photographers, actors, writers), each of them musicians as well. After high school, he lived briefly in various suburbs outside San Francisco, California, before returning to Massachusetts, to study English at UMass Amherst. From the high school years on, he has continued to play in various bands, and has accumulated a constantly growing store of original songs…

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Sweet Baby Lou Sessions

Sweet Baby Lou “Goes to Hell and Back”- Spring 2010


Damon Reeves- “Redemption Blues”