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Just the Tip Bio

Just the Tip were a local UMass Amherst band from early 2008 to 2009 that specialized in classic rock covers like their infamous Sinco De Mayo version of “Moby Dick,” whose influences were everything from Led Zeppelin to Tool. The band was part of Sweet Baby Lou’s first season finale, which they completed before disbanding to other projects including SBL albums Strange Pilgrims.

Sweet Baby Lou Sessions

Sweet Baby Lou Season 1 Finale Spectacular


Fresh new Franz Ferdinand track “Turn it On”

Almost four years removed from their last album, the boys from Glasgow have returned, and they still have quite a few cards up their sleeves. “Turn it On”, the 2:21 second track off their new LP, entitled simply “Tonight: Franz Ferdinand” does not fail to impress. In fact, it’s more than impressive, immediately thrusting you into the strobe lights of some dance-rock show at some gritty, glammed-out city club. The quick, up-tempo groove serves as a fantastic foil for lead singer Alex Kapranos’ sultry, smoothe voice. The long and mostly short of it is simply this — The boys are back, so get on your dancin’ shoes.

Check out their album, in stores and probably downloadable illegally on the internet…