Happy Valley Showdown: Part 3

Sweet Baby Lou & his motley crew braved the winter weather Sunday night to make the third installment of the Sweet Baby Lou & his motley crew braved the winter weather Sunday night to make the third installment of the Happy Valley Showdown.

This weekly event held at the This weekly event held at the Elevens in Northampton showcases six local acts  and pits them in a showdown of musical prowess  to decide the weekly winner. This winner, will head to the final week to play for a grand prize. Though according to event organizer Mark Sheehan, “everyone goes home a winner” with prizes including everything from donated pies to a free day of studio recording.

This Sunday’s installment began with a raucous set by gypsy punks Bella’s Bartok. Sore Eros followed up their performance with a set that saw the band covering Suicide while the lead singer sprawled himself across the stage. The energetic set showcased the bands strong harmonies and featured tracks from their newest disc “Second Chants.”

Next up was Caroline Conspiracy, a local pianist whose cabaret stylings buoyed her songs of loss and sorrow. Caroline persevered against the noisy bar backdrop, playing original songs as well as a cover of The Beach Boys’ classic “God Only Knows,” and ending her set by announcing that proceeds from copies of her self-produced CD would go to Haiti relief foundations.

Ending the night were JP & The Redemptions whose spastic songs were almost cut short by equipment malfunctions mid-set, though they had to be ultimately reassured by the enthusiastic crowd response.

By 1 AM, the winners of the evening were announced to the dwindling Elevens crowd, by then composed of only the most ardent late night drinkers and eager band members, with the top billings and Sweet Baby Lou’s personal congratulations going to future Sweet Baby Lou act, Bella’s Bartok.


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  1. Wow! Thanks Sweet baby Lou! I also do a review of each weeks Showdown, 3 years running, you can read mine in the blog section of myspace.com/indybattle or on the Facebook fanpage Happy Valley Showdown III. Thankyou so much for coming out to the show in the blizzard and supporting the scene and double thanks for not only showing up but helping to spread the word. Nice site! Keep it up! Please come by Thursday nights at Sierra Grille myspace.com/sierragrillemusic and check out my Thursday night series of shows. This venue is my baby and is reserved for what I find most interesting, enjoyable & original, 3 bands a week usually 1 local and 2 touring but sometimes the entire 3 bands are from out of town, and sometimes all 3 are local. march 25th is one I’m really looking forward to as I’ll be bringing Ghost Society to Sierra Grille all the way from DENMARK!!! Every Thurs it ranges from 3 chord punk rock to indie pop to sludgey stoner metal, surf bands, electronica etc. and all up and coming National acts from Idaho to Iceland.

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