Sweet Baby Lou Up All Night List

Sweet Baby Lou’s patented song selections all revolving around a nighttime theme. Samples songs include The Strokes “Last Nite,” Blitzen Trapper’s “Saturday Night” and The Four Seasons “Oh What a Night”…

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All Songs About the Night

The Strokes- Last Nite
Blitzen Trapper- Saturday Nite
Nirvana- Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Kool & the Gang- Ladies Night
Kiss- Rock ‘n Roll All Night
The Four Seasons- Oh What a Night
Michael Jackson- Working Day & Night
Kinks- All of the Day and All of the Night
Def Leopard- All Night
Cheap Trick- Rock All Night
Pretenders- Nite in My Veins (live)
Winston Groovy- Night Shift
Bad Religion- In the Night (need some punk? Not bad)
Whitesnake- Still of the Night (actually sweet)
Smashing Pumpkins- We Only Come out at Night/ Tonight Tonight
Night Prowler- AC DC
Deep Purple- Black Night
Rolling Stones- Lets Spend the Night Together
Jimmy Cliff- Reggae Night
CCR- The Night Time is the Right Time
Gin Blossoms- Pieces of the Night (standard gin blossoms)
Corey Heart- Sunglasses at Night
Bee Gees- Night Fever
Earth Wind & Fire- Lets Groove (Tonight)
Tight Fit- The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Guns ‘N Roses- Night Train
The Darkness- Friday Night
Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Date with the Night
Public Enemy- Night of the Living Baseheads- (Dope Version)


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