New Outer Stylie Vid

Outer Stylie- “Into Being” from Cobalt Jefferson on Vimeo.

Outer Stylie dropped a bomb with their opening jam, the almost 10-minute “Into Being.” This vido would have been presented in its entirety however the jam lasted so long we ran out of batteries in our camera. Fear not though funk fans, the full audio can be found by clicking on their Sweet Baby Lou page in the left hand column. For now enjoy the boy’s miles of metal psychedelia.

Outer Stylie’s Sweet Baby Lou Page


New SBL Skits

For all you Funkheads out there eagerly awaiting our next show, it’s our pleasure to announce that we will not be announcing it at this time. But what we do have for you is the latest round of skits from our sickness themed show. Our latest forays into skits/fake commercials have found Sweet Baby Lou forming advertising partners with shady kids camps in Mexico, Saliva salespeople and of course the illustrious pastime that is goat racing.

Raging Bull Summer Camp

Monty’s Saliva Boutique

Amherst Goat Racing

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Sweet Baby Lou “In Critical Condition”

For Sweet Baby Lou’s sickness special Sweet Baby Lou found himself in a coma. A coma so bad he had to be rocked out of it. We haven’t received word yet whether this playlist was enough to the do the job, but go ahead, you’re the doctor, take a look…

The Hives- “Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones”

The White Stripes- “Bone Broke”

Cold War Kids- “Hospital Beds”

The Who- “Doctor, Doctor”

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Outer Stylie Bring the Sickness

The theme for Wednesday’s show was Sweet Baby Lou in Critical Condition and while we may have been in the hospital it was Outer Stylie that brought the sickness.

For their second Sweet Baby Lou session the boys, a one time trio, returned as a four piece this time adding rhythm guitarist John Duffy and new drummer Kyle Heon. The new members have been playing with the band’s founders Nate Martel (Guitar, vocals) and Tom Schack (bass) for almost nine months in their current incarnation and are about to release their first self titled album, due later this year.

Despite the difference in members, Outer Stylie retained their crown as Sweet Baby Lou’s loudest band, and though they didn’t pass their record for longest song (“Triphecta of the Moon” clocked in at 19 minutes) they did come close with their spiraling psychedelic jam “Into Being.” As guitarist Nate Martel said before ripping into this track “we want to take you there.” You should let them.

Click read more to see exclusive live tracks…

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SBL Alum Writes Book about Bear / Wolf Ninjas

Russell Fortin, a Sweet Baby Lou alum and ex-bass player of Amherst party-punks Andyhasaband, announced yesterday that he has completed his first book entitled “Captain of Cooking or Master, Minister of Meat.” Fortin, says that the plot concerns “the story of Bear-Pirate and Wolf-Ninja competing in the restaurant industry.”

That was enough to get our attention. The piece of comedy / science-fiction writing can found online now and the full text can be read by following the link below. Click read more.

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Tune in Tonight! 2/24 from 12-2AM!

Sweet Baby Lou has done it again. Despite the doctor’s warnings that his two black lungs, and his myriad of both sexually and non-sexually transmitted diseases it seems that Sweet Baby Lou is “In Critical Condition,” and it could be a long night.

The Dr.’s orders? 200 cc’s of pure rock and roll and tonight we need your help to deliver. Tonight’s theme is “In Critical Condition” with all songs being about all things medical from hospitals, to broken to bones, to medication.

Tonight’s surgeon generals? Outer Stylie, local hard rockers who hold the Sweet Baby Lou superlative for “loudest band.” I just hope its enough to keep Sweet Baby Lou out of that coma. So tune in, keep it funky. Accepting calls for support.

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Sweet Baby Lou Page: The Telephone Company

The Telephone Company

The Telephone Company Myspace Bio

The Telephone Company is the most hygenic band based out of Amherst, MA. The trio is comprised of Nik Bush on Vocals/Guitar, Myles Heffernan on Bass and Isaac Simon on Drums.

Formed in 2007, the Telephone Company aims to solve your problems and ease your lonesome worries, Friend. Just drink this.

The Telephone Company have formerly been known as: Spiro Agnew, Spiron Agnof, Sex Slaves for Christ, Boyhole and the Asymetrical Faces…

The Telephone Company have made more appearances on Sweet Baby Lou than any other act, ending each 6 hour end of the semester showcase and slowly earning the distinguished title of Sweet Baby Lou’s Official House Band.

Sweet Baby Lou Sessions

Sweet Baby Lou Wins the Lottery: Fall 2008

Sweet Baby Lou Up All Night 1: Fall 2008

Sweet Baby Lou 40th Anniversary Spectacular: Spring 2009


Telephone Company- “Madonna”

Telephone Company- “Question Mark”