King Brad the Conservative

Last week a certain dethroned king of UMass lore broke his media silence with a controversial appearance on Sweet Baby Lou. There Brad DeFluemeri, former head of the UMass Republican Club, and one of the principal persons to bring back the UMass Minuteman, not only dished out his thoughts on the current state of a nation in peril, but also graced us with some character acting.

Below you can find a series of skits that finds Brad wondering through a land of peasants and farmers, a king without a throne. Where he is greeted by peasants from the Land of the Left who demand a silly leader, with some pizzazz. Click below to hear the unexpected skits as well as call-ins and more.


Brad as King Part 1

Brad as King Part 2


Brad Full Q & A

Brad Responds to Live Caller


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  1. […] Originally founded by ‘Sweet’ Baby Lou Rodham Whittaker Jr. in the late 1970s as a funk program on the station, the show was canceled in the late ’90s as it’s founder spiraled into an array of personal problems and addictions. However the show was reinstated by Reverends Pete Rizzo and Charlie Felder in 2008. Since this rebirth, the show has been chronicling the local music scene at UMass Amherst and the greater Pioneer Valley area, providing an outlet for the campus’ musical expression and creativity on both it’s radio program and it’s website which features video and downloads from it’s wide array of guests (which aside from musical acts has included such notable campus celebrities as Motown Man who dubbed the show “The rockinest show on WMUA,” as well as representatives from the SGA and campus political clubs). […]

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