Sweet Baby Lou & The Virgin Grilled Cheese: Part 1

Sweet Baby Lou & The Virgin Grilled Cheese Full Episode Recap

Charlie Felder and Pete Rizzo, your humble Reverends of Funk were at Sweet Baby Lou’s house for breakfast last week when the trouble started. Hear the clip below of Sweet Baby Lou’s miraculous discovery of the virgin mary, in a freshly toasted grilled cheese.

Segment 1: Sweet Baby Lou Finds Virgin Grilled Cheese

From there all mayhem broke loose with Sweet Baby Lou convinced he had been blessed by this most holy and toasted of miracles. However the despite the Reverends objections, that the Grilled Cheese merely resembled Shaquille O’Neil, Sweet Baby Lou decided to take up matters with his local diocese resulting in this exchange in the vestibule.

Segment 2: Sweet Baby Lou & The Priest

Unable to convince the church of this miracle Sweet Baby Lou turned to the only remaining outlet for frivolous nonsense, conservative talk radio. The following is his call-in to local affiliate WMUA’s lauded morning talk show “The Bishops of Moral Conservatism.”

Segment 3: Bishops of Moral Conservatism Call-In


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