Sweet Baby Lou & The Virgin Grilled Cheese: Part 2

Protesters Gather Outisde the Reverends of Funk Holy Cheese Charity Foundation

Sweet Baby Lou remained undeterred and took to buying up coveted WMUA airtime with this commercial for the grand unveiling of the Virgin Grilled cheese, in an effort once and for all to prove that he had witnessed a divine miracle not simply an edible version of Shaquille O’Neil.

Segment 4: The Reverends of Funk Holy Cheese Foundation Fund

In an effort to stop the madness, Pete Rizzo & Charlie Felder, your humble Reverends of Funk got a hold of Shaq, the Cavalier himself who decided to weigh in on the controversy.

Segment 5: Sweet Baby Lou: Interview with Shaq

This was followed swiftly by long time listener, first time caller God, when he decided to grace the Reverends and weigh in on the issue. Find out what God himself has to say about the Holy Grilled Cheese.

God Calls In Part 1

God Calls In Part2

The situation came to a head at The Holy Cheese Foundation Fund celebration with Sweet Baby Lou seen exiting the rioting madness with fistfuls of cash. Is their a moral in this spiraling tale of bread and faith? Is their a reason to keep listening? Carrying on with this charade? Find out below.

Carnival Showdown

Carnival Ending


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