Tune In ToNighT! 3/31 12Am-2aM


Get ready to pack your bags for a long bumpy ride as this week Sweet Baby Lou is going on a road trip! Cue the car honking noises. Along with a car packed to the brim with expert city/state themed song selectionsm, we’ve got the “(the unrelenting) ANDYHASABAND“, who will be playing tracks from their forthcoming album of the same name.

Guests, surprises, confetti! So bring some snacks and get ready for some awkward car conversations and shady rest stops. Oh and don’t forget to call in, or Morty Cardigan might just have to hurt himself.

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Leisure Colony “Chromatone Cooldown”

This video from Leisure Colony‘s last visit to Sweet Baby Lou captures the band playing at the height of its set. Following a cover of Judas Priest’s “Breakin’ the Law”, they transitioned into this blistering cut from their newly released “Protectorate EP”. The band recently announced that they will be playing live at UMass for the Cannabis Reform Coalition’s Battle of the Bands on April 1st with some stellar live bands including The Frills and Anti-Tank Dog.

Sweet Baby Lou Page: Motown Man

Bennie “Motown Man” Johnson Bio:

Motown Man, often a public figure of much scrutiny and prestige in the Amherst area, is best known for his nightly sidewalk sing-a-longs, when he can be found singing your favorite oldies. While much of Motown’s life is a mystery, including his alleged stories of “jamming with Hendrix” and how the story of his life was once an option for a major studio film, this much is true: Motown Man can rock the hits with nothing but his voice, signature cape and beaten-down bucket. Check out more Motown Benny below.

Sweet Baby Lou Sessions

Sweet Baby Lou “Goes Motown” -Fall 2008

Sweet Baby Lou’s “40th Anniversary Spectacular”


Cooking with Motown Man!

Motown Man “My Girl”

Motown Man “Sittin’ On the Dock of the Bay”

Motown Man Interview

The Worst 2 Minutes of Radio (Ever!)

When Sweet Baby Lou & The Reverends of Funk needed to end their “Dreams a Dream” show last Wednesday, the answer was simple.

Wake everyone up.

So the Reverends recruited in-studio guests SORE EROS for an impromptu jam. With most of the 10+ in-studio guests moaning and playing their instruments erratically, we can all agree that this might be our most triumphant collaboration yet.

Sore Eros & The Reverends of Funk present:

“2 Minutes of Moaning (The Greatest 2 Minutes of Radio Ever)”

From the Vault X

This installment of our illustrious From the Vault series finds Sweet Baby Lou hanging out with Bella’s Bartok after their last show performance. In this video, bassist Steve “The Wolfman” Torres shaves fellow bandmate Amory Drennan’s head in a shower stall. The entire happening is soundtracked by the band’s in studio performance of “The Strogaya Waltz.”

So enjoy this exclusive and very bizarre video.

Leisure Colony on Local Music Project

Sweet Baby Lou alums get the full Local Music Project treatment from Dailycollegian.com with embedded reporter Michael Phillis chronicling his forty-eight hour road trip with the band. Phillis expertly portrays the young band that has achieved a venerated local status, contemplating the trials and tribulations the future might hold.

You can check out the full article here, and for more Leisure Colony on Sweet Baby Lou, try their Sweet Baby Lou page here.

Sweet Baby Lou “Dreams a Dream” Pt. 2