Sweet Baby Lou Page: Bella’s Bartok

Bella’s Bartok Bio

Bella’s Bartok, sometimes Western Massachusetts’ premier Acoustic Gypsy Punk Circus Band, and sometimes Western Massachusetts’s premier Gypsy Balkan Rockabilly Fusion Party in a Box (just squeeze). We play clubs, festivals, private parties, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, high class baptisms, and pretty much any event that doesn’t involve croquet (sorry garden parties). Here is a haiku that further expresses our ontological status: as wild honey pie, beads of glass turn to vapor, sweeter than a drink. Here are a few heroic couplets that express of artistic status: With the subtle rage of a caged beast, cruel Bartok made most with what was least, decided upon two quarter swirls, he haunted the tripping scenster girls, so light in movement, yet heavy at heart, his baven soul would but gleam in dark, by the grotto of Scandanavian name, unto the world, primeval Bartok came.

Courtesy of Bella’s Bartok’s Myspace

Sweet Baby Lou Sessions

Sweet Baby Lou’s “Got a Sweet Tooth”- Spring 2010

Bella’s Bartok Covers- Spring 2010


Bella’s Bartok- “Kutzaritza”


3/2/10 Bella’s Bartok New Studio Track

Full Episodes

Sweet Baby Lou’s “Got a Sweet Tooth”- 3/3/10



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