Bella’s Bartok Sweeten up SBL

This past Wednesday Sweet Baby Lou got a “Sweet Tooth” mostly from all those songs related to sugar and honey, or perhaps it was all that purple drink we’ve been hearing so much about.

Either way, Bella’s Bartok helped to add their own personal brand of sugar to the mix staying for the entire two-hour show and oftentimes playing with complete disregard to the fact they weren’t on air. When on-air, their set included a healthy mix of their own originals “Zora” and “Party Song” alongside woozy impromptu covers of such timeless rockers as “Ziggy Stardust,” “Helter Skelter,” and “Sweet Jane.”

While three members short, Bella’s Bartok still packed the studio with nine members, an accordion, lots of horns, and enough foot stomping fury to power us through the night and the subsequent root canals.

Click read more to hear exclusive tracks from the set…


Bella’s Bartok- “Song About Trucks”

Bella’s Bartok- “Party Song”

Bella’s Bartok- “Zora”

Bella’s Bartok- “Bucharesti”

Bella’s Bartok- “Kustaritza”

Bella’s Bartok- “The Strogaya Waltz”

Bella’s Bartok- “Satan’s Song”


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