Sweet Baby Lou’s “Sweet Tooth”

Sweet Baby Lou had a “Sweet Tooth” last week meaning we broke out all the songs related to that sugary sweet goodness. So here they are, all the songs that were sweet enough to fit and this list is a screwball with everything from Aerosmith to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs coming into play. Enjoy and relive the sweetness of Sweet Baby Lou again and again.

Click read more to read the full playlist and get some sweet live links…

Aerosmith- “Sweet Emotion”

Isaac Hayes- “Chocolate Salty Balls”

Flaming Lips- “She Don’t Use Jelly”

Blur- “Magpie”

Def Lepard- “Pour Some Sugar on Me”

Smashing Pumpkins- “Sweet Sweet”

Velvet Underground- “Sweet Jane”

TV on the Radio- “Dirtywhirl” (Return to Cookie Mountain, duh)

Donovan- “Candy Man”

The Kinks- “Sweet Lady Genevieve”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- “The Sweets”

Hot Chocolate- “I Believe in Miracles”

Wilco- “Candyfloss”

Bob Dylan- “Sweet Lady”


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  1. […] video showcases from last Wednesday’s “Sweet Tooth” episode finds Bella’s Bartok playing at their disheveled best with frontman Asher Putnam […]

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