Solo Sexx Bring the Sexxy

Solo Sexx, despite the name, is an act that inspires participation. Either with their jump-jivin’ dance moves or with their lethal feminine flow (they rap), they’ll be sure to inspire some hip shakin’ dancing. The dynamic duo of Heather McCormack (The Vulga Vulva) and Julia Sherratt (The Velvet Vulture) have been rocking the Amherst Area for the last year, and are now the house band at Northampton hotspot Divas along with their in house DJ, DJ Megha.

This set showcases just how far the duo have come in the calendar year since their last Sweet Baby Lou appearance, dropping stellar new beats and tracks like “The Precedent” and “Post-Man”, which features a grinding beat by Megha herself and of course raps that aim to destroy the male-dominated genre that rap music has become. With this set, spring has officially sprung.

Click read more for links to audio tracks from their full set list…


Solo Sexx- “The Precedent”

Solo Sexx- “Hipster Chick”

Solo Sexx- “XX Chrome”

Solo Sexx- “Post-Man”

Solo Sexx- “Tic Tak”

Solo Sexx- “Mind Tricks the Body (Go Crazy)”


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