Sweet Baby Lou “XX” Playlist

Last week Sweet Baby Lou held its first night dedicated specifically to all those holders of the double-x chromosomes out there. With a night dedicated to the opposite sex, our playlist of all songs that were named after female first names was quickly condemned as “chauvinistic” and replaced with some badass female rock ‘n roll. So what do we have? A playlist everyone can agree on… or at least listen to…

Click read more for full playlist and links to awesome live tracks below…

The Kinks- “Lola”

Foxboro Hot Tubs- “Mother Mary”

Neil Young- “Cinnamon Girl”

Death Cab for Cutie- “Cath…”

The Ramones- “Judy is a Punk”

The Beach Boys- “Help Me Rhonda”

The Runaways- “Cherry Bomb”

The Pixies- “Ana”

Diplo vs. Santogold ft. Amanda Blank- “I’m a Lady”

Blondie- “Atomic”

The Beatles- “Sexy Sadie”

The Velvet Underground- “Femme Fatale”

Roy Orbison- “Pretty Woman”

The Black Keys- “Psychotic Girl”

The Blasters- “Marie Marie”


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