The Good, The Bad & The Skasome

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Last Week’s headliner for our self-proclaimed “Bad Show” was UPC Battle of Band Alums and local ska perpetrators,  Skasome Society. In their in studio appearance the band was frank about their recent local performances as well as their album “PC4PC?,” which is now available through Itunes, and laughed politely at our bad jokes.

The Society, which hails from Westfield, MA features six members, Rob, Frank, Sam, Dom, Kyle and the winner for best name, Scuba. No word yet on if this is enough people for a society, but it raises some questions. Regardless The ska-sters brought some much needed energy to the show adding some impromptu covers such timeless classics as The Star Wars Theme and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” So sit back relax start your toe-tappin’.

Click read more to hear exclusive audio tracks…


Skasome Society- “TNS”

Skasome Society- “PC4PC”

Skasome Society- “Don’t Turn Your Back on Me / Bad Romance”

Skasome Society- “Russell Rock”

Skasome Society- “I Don’t Know, You Don’t Know”

Skasome Society- “Last Song”




* Note all published photos come courtesy of Collegian photographer Ellie Rulon-Miller



  1. hey suckas, before you start dissin’ on the “female versions of the beastie boys”, just remember….

    SKA IS DEAD! even your little brother won’t listen to that shit no more. stick your brass up your ass, fools.

    • Its all good hater.

      we play for the music, not the image. Not hating on them, they were a tight group of kids. More should have been stated that its a good thing they werent there or it woulda happened again. Simply having fun on the air.

      Ska is dead. We know it. We don’t look to revive it. We just like playing it. Tell us something we don’t know.

      But at least we write our own music, have our own unique style, and dont really give a fuck what anyone says. Were going to keep on playing…


    • How can you say that their little brother won’t listen to it if you clearly are? You had to listen to Skasome in order to hear that. It wasn’t even much of a diss towards Solo Sexx anyway. It’s how one person interpreted what little they’d heard of Solo Sexx.

  2. I agree, If my band were compared to the beastie boys, I would be honored!

    • Lincoln ’68! Third Term or Bust!

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