Tune in Tonight! 12-2AM! OR DEATH!

Friends, acquaintances and other assembled well-wishers. At the present The Reverends of Funk have recieved several unconfirmed and largely irrational reports that our procreator, our mentor, justification for our own addictions, and personal friend Sweet Baby Lou’s life hangs in the balance. In limbo between life and death…

Will the show go on? It must, for we are contractually obligated. So if any well-wishers would like to call-in and support Sweet Baby Lou through prayers, anecdotes or if you have any outstanding debts to collect please join our vigil. In studio will be local Central trash-rockers The Dads, as well as lead singer Grant Wicks of The Walking Ghosts.

We are truly saddened. For support please contact us through the following means from 12-2am on WMUA.

Request Line: (413) 545-3691
Request on Facebook
Request on Twitter
Stream Us Online at WMUA. ORG (12-2am)

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  1. I will forever mourn sweet baby lou.

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