The Mourning Begins

And now my friends, it’s time to face the truth. Sweet Baby Lou is dead, and there’s no coming back from that. With the news breaking live last week, Sweet Baby Lou was bombarded with call-ins from around the globe. Some were teary-eyed, others were just looking for their personal possessions and to collect their outstanding debts. However some notable call-ins were made including Funkasaurus Rex (Lou’s old band) Big Daddy Lou (his father) and of course a slew of seedy local characters.

Sweet Baby Lou is Dead Pt. 1: “The Phone Call”

“Joey” Lou’s Bookie

Big Daddy Lou (Lou’s Dad)

Joshua Parker Superintendent of Schools

Funkasaurus Rex (Lou’s Band)

Raspy Sean

Ralph Bennington Long-Time Listener

Frank Collins Amherst Public Library

Marsha Rodham Lou (Lou’s Sister)

Sally Johnson- Lou’s Old Middle School GF


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  1. Sweet Baby Lou~~ Don’t leave me! I’ve loved ya all my life! Why’d ya leave me Lou???Why???Why??? I will always rememba owa special times out back behind the compost heap…lovin’ ya…oh…sweet baby Lou….now what am I gonna do???

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