Futurenows Ring in the New

Futurenows fist pump accordingly

Amherst’s finest folk foursome, THE FUTURENOWS, rang in the new season of Sweet Baby Lou & The Reverends of Funk in decidedly low key (but no less triumphant) fashion last Sunday night.

The Reverends will now air from 12-2am on Sunday Nights (technically Monday for the calendar fanatics). Either way, The Futurenows, who recently reunited (guitarist Sean Nolan was finally successfully extradited to the United States), and showcased a handful of new songs “Stateless State of Mind,” “Let Me Die in This World (of Mine)” that kept up with the campfire sing-a-long sound the band has been cultivating. Tony Interlande, the groups newest member, sat and played drums (and despite several introductions the Reverends were unable to learn his name, cue Baby Lou smiling down from Heaven) on these and old crowd-pleasers like “Sign Your Life Away” and “Tracks They Came” off their first release “Handsome Ballads.”

The Futurenows next live appearance will be this upcoming weekend with fellow SBL alums Andyhasaband. For more details click their web site link below.


The Futurenows- “Let Me Die in This World (of Mine)”

The Futurenows- “Stateless State of Mind”

The Futurenows- “Tracks They Came”

The Futurenows- “Gloria’s Calling”

The Futurenows- “My Little Boat”

The Futurenows- “The Dalai Lama Song”

The Futurenows- “Sign Your Life Away”


The Futurenows on Myspace

The Futurenows on Sweet Baby Lou


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