Sweet Baby Lou & The Reverends of Funk

“Sweet” Baby Lou Rodman Whitiker Jr.

Born: 1932    Died: n/a

Sweet Baby Lou was born sometime in the 1900’s in an unspecified portion of what scientists maintain is Southeastern America.

Baby Lou was known for a lot of things. At best he was a lover, of music, women, fine food and tobbacco, and at worst he was liable to steal the cheese right off your sandwich.

But Lou knew the Funk, preached the Funk and took care of the Funk. And it is in his honor that the show continues today in one of its various incarnations. Passed on by those dedicated to the gospel of funk.

And as Lou always said, peace, love, funk.

Sweet Baby Lou Intro Song

Wes Ringel- “Sweet Baby Lou Roast”


Sweet Baby Lou- (1972-1995)

Reverend Pete Rizzo- (2007-                  Reverend Charlie Felder (2007-

Rev. Greg Zapata (2006-2008)              Rev. Kris “K-Funk” Kauffman  (2008-2009)

Rev. Michael McSweeney (2008-           Rev. Pat Drew (2007- )


Air Time: 12AM – 2AM

When: Wednesday (technically Thursday)

Station: 91.1 WMUA FM  or



  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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