Sweet Baby Lou “is Dead” Pt. 2

Sweet Baby Lou’s body has been found, sending the Reverends into a total radio downward spiral into depression. Can the show go? Is Sweet Baby Lou really dead, and not faking it to once again swindle taxpapers out of millions of dollars? What will become of the Reverends of Funk? Why are we asking so many questions? Find out now!


Sweet Baby Lou “Gets High” Pt. 2

Sweet Baby Lou & The Reverends are on the run from the cops, OTV keeps the jams going in the studio and Sweet Baby Lou “Gets High.” Will Sweet Baby Lou finally be caught by Office DeFlumeri? Will The Reverends score for the big holiday? Click to hear the exciting conclusion of last week’s episode!

Sweet Baby Lou “Gets High” Pt. 1

Sweet Baby Lou’s Podcast

Last week Sweet Baby Lou celebrated 4/20 in high style with appearances by The Vocal Suspects as well as Orange Television. The first half finds Sweet Baby Lou taking the Reverends on a wild goose chase for the green lady “Mary Jane,” while pursued by a certain conservative cop. Highlights include an exclusive collaboration between the Suspects and OTV on a 90’s alt-rock classic.

Presenting “Classical Musings”

Branden Von Straddleburg’s Podcast

Ladies and Gentlemen, we kindly thank you for this opportunity to showcase our more refined dispositions. “Classical Musings: with Braden Von Strattleburg” is brought to you by The Classical Music Society of America and Sweet Baby Lou and the Reverends of Funk, and promises to be the “most pretentious 45 minutes of baroque music you’ve heard in a very long time.” With special guests including the prestigious Earl Mavis Tendlehoff and Sir Luciano DeBour, we ask that you sit back relax and let the classic sounds stir your intellect.

Presenting Scuzbucket!!

Are you punk enough? Huh? I said do you think you’re punk enough@! Do you like your punk dirty? Do you like your punk raw! Well… that’s good. Because Sweet Baby Lou presents it’s sister program “Scuzbucket” an hour of the most heinous punk rock that your ears will ever bleed to.

Hosted by famed WMUA DJ’s and survivors of the parking lot brawl at the infamous 1993 Innocent Zebra show at Pearl Street, Thrash Darby, Skid Martinez, Mop and Charlie “XXXXX” Felder, you might not be punk enough but you’ll never be the same again.

Sweet Baby Lou’s “Bad Show” Pt. 2

Worst Show Ever!

Sweet Baby Lou joined forces yesterday to provide the annual “Bad Show” in this case it might have been our most unlistenable dog-pile of rotten audio garbage ever. If only those in studio bands didn’t keep ruining it by trying to sound good. You just can’t find good help these days. This first half features the Reverends getting bad, oh yeah the songs are about being bad, and the clips are funny but oh that aftertaste. It’s bad. Special guests on this half were S&A a local acoustic duo. Check it out at your own risk.