A Journey into the Mind of Man

Sweet Baby Lou: New York City, circa 1972

A lot has been said of ‘Sweet’ Baby Lou Rodham Whittaker Jr. the mysterious and oft misunderstood founder of Sweet Baby Lou & The Reverends of Funk. The facts of his life are often vague and paint a portrait of man whose life defies conventional terms like “gender” and “sobriety.”

Thus it was with great joy that the current Reverends of Funk found this trove of old diary entries by Lou himself. Though the entries are being read by the current reverends, fear not as the contents of these disturbing and often meandering  musings remain unaltered, adding depth to a man whose very being is intertwined with myth and legend.

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King Brad the Conservative

Last week a certain dethroned king of UMass lore broke his media silence with a controversial appearance on Sweet Baby Lou. There Brad DeFluemeri, former head of the UMass Republican Club, and one of the principal persons to bring back the UMass Minuteman, not only dished out his thoughts on the current state of a nation in peril, but also graced us with some character acting.

Below you can find a series of skits that finds Brad wondering through a land of peasants and farmers, a king without a throne. Where he is greeted by peasants from the Land of the Left who demand a silly leader, with some pizzazz. Click below to hear the unexpected skits as well as call-ins and more.

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Posthumous Interview: Billy Mays

Sweet Baby Lou presents the second installment in its exclusive posthumous interview series, this time the gang interviews famed pitchman and recent ghost Billy Mays.  In this interview Mays comments on everything from the afterlife to the versatility of his greatest product the Hercules hook as well as this thoughts on the untimely death of Kill Bill star and fellow celebrity David Carradine.

Billy Mays Interview

Posthumous Interviews: Notorious B.I.G

Sweet Baby Lou begins its Posthumous Interview series with famed hip-hop icon Biggie Smalls.

Sweet Baby Lou amps up its interview series with this exclusive interview with now deceased hip-hop star Notorious B.I.G. This entry finds Biggie talking candidly about his life after death. This includes everything from his own personal musings on the state of current politicians like Hilary and Bill Clinton to his current smoking habits to his thoughts on dunkaroos.

Biggie Smalls Interview

Pink Voyd Interview

Walter Stickle (Guitarist of Pink Voyd)


Guitarist Walter Stickle of Pink Voyd
Guitarist Walter Stickle of Pink Voyd

Last Saturday, Pink Voyd, a traveling replication of the music of celebrated rock icons Pink Floyd, hit the Mullins Center in Amherst, MA. Sweet Baby Lou was fortunate enough to lend some luck listeners free tickets to the event, and was also able to score us a sweet interview with the group’s guitarist Walter Stickle. In the interview Walter takes us through the history of the band, as well as his expectations for the show.


Pink Voyd Interview 


Sagely Wisdom


Hampshire College poet Shane Foster

Hampshire College poet Shane Foster

 Sweet Baby Lou doesn’t just focus on music, but rather has always had a well rounded taste for the arts. An accomplished poet in his own time and ways, Sweet Baby Lou himself once said “a poet ain’t something fancy, just two steps ahead of the devils.” 

Now one can make sense of this as one would, but suffice to say it shows Lou had a taste for the written word. A trait he shares with one of our special guests this week, Shane T. Foster a local Hampshire College poet. 

For our 40th episode he came down and offered to display some of his lyrical prowess on the airwaves with these two gems, “Sagely Wisdom Gleaned from a Poetic Bum” and “A Reflection on My Place in the Cosmic Mirror.” 




Shane T. Foster- “A Reflection on my Place in the Cosmic Mirror”

Shane T. Foster- “Sagely Wisdom Gleaned from a Poetic Bum”

B2C in the Hiz-ouse


Last week Sweet Baby Lou paid tribute to Amherst area rap group Butter 2 Combo. Some may remember Butter 2 Combo at their apex in the 90’s where they were some of the most prominent members of the Valley’s hip-hop community.

After flaming out in the middle of this decade, the group is reforming and releasing a much anticipated 8 CD box set, which features the groups entire collected works from the early “908 Chronicles” to late career masterpieces like “C.E.O. of Your Ass.”

Here in a series of interviews the group, including founding members Baron Hip, Captain Sketchy and Galactic C discuss their future, their past and the troubled, crack-filled road that has led the Combo to the present day.

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