The Funeral Part 2: Andy Suhre

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Andy Suhre, best known as the only acoustic troubadour / part-time unicyclist of the UMass campus, was also one of the first to pay his respects to the fall of the funk icon, Sweet Baby Lou. As legend has it, Andy first met Lou at an open mic in a drag bar in southern Vermont, where Lou ended up playing for 14 hours. This extended set cost Andy his time slot, but it started a friendship; one that would bring him through the funkified halls of WMUA on many occasions.

Andy was solemn for most of the ceremony and added some kind (albeit drunken) sentiments about Lou and his family. “Bacon and Eggs”, the sexual love ballad, was dedicated to Mama Lou Whittaker (Lou’s Mom), who Andy said, “always had it going on.”  In the end, Andy dedicated a number of his tunes in Lou’s honor, including the ever appropriate “Ballad of a Junkie” and “The Comedown”, both of which contained elements of real love – the kind of love that grows between two men who both play guitars.

Andy Suhre- “Bacon & Eggs”

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Call His Name Out Loud


Last Thursday, sandwiched between the violent riff rock of Sasqwash and thrashy indie rock of Mallory we decided to throw you a curveball in the form of acoustic singer songwriter Andy Suhre.

Hailing from Chelmsford, Mass. Andy lists everyone from Leonard Cohen to Deertick as influences and rocked us with selections from his back catalog including songs like “Ballad of a Junkie,” and “Call My Name Out Loud.” Sit back relax and enjoy.

Caution best served in easy chair.



Andy Suhre- “Ballad of a Junkie”

Andy Suhre- “Call My Name Out Loud”

Andy Suhre- “It Ain’t My Fault”

Andy Suhre- “Not Me”

Andy Suhre- “Numb You Off My Mind”