The Sweet Baby Lou & The Reverends of Funk, Sweet Baby Lou Memorial Funeral & Benefit Concert Radio Bonanza (Complete 6 Hour Show)

It has been over a month since Sweet Baby Lou Rodham Whittaker Jr. passed away, casting a dark shadow on all that is good and funky in this world. After his sudden and violent death, Lou left Pete Rizzo & Charlie Felder (the long-time co-hosts of the program and inaugural Reverends of Funk) as the heirs to his estate, passing on not only his collection of lint balls but also a multimillion dollar debt along with it. Thus it was order by the courts that The Reverends of Funk conduct a “benefit concert / good time medicine hour” in Lou’s honor. All this was devised in an effort to raise enough money to keep the beloved WMUA show on the airwaves and co-hosts Pete Rizzo and Charlie Felder from being executed.

With the help of some local artists (The Telephone Company, Andy Suhre, The Frills, Time & Place, Grex, Solo Sexx, Tom Wraight, Jon Shaver, Furious Replication, Harkness, and Midnight Blue — among others), what follows is the recorded record of what will become known as the “Sweet Baby Lou Memorial Funeral & Benefit Concert.” The six hour event which aired on May 5th 2010 from 12-6am can be heard below. For any tips on Lou’s murderer, who remains at large, please contact us.

Peace. Love. Funk.

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The Funeral Part 2: Andy Suhre

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Andy Suhre, best known as the only acoustic troubadour / part-time unicyclist of the UMass campus, was also one of the first to pay his respects to the fall of the funk icon, Sweet Baby Lou. As legend has it, Andy first met Lou at an open mic in a drag bar in southern Vermont, where Lou ended up playing for 14 hours. This extended set cost Andy his time slot, but it started a friendship; one that would bring him through the funkified halls of WMUA on many occasions.

Andy was solemn for most of the ceremony and added some kind (albeit drunken) sentiments about Lou and his family. “Bacon and Eggs”, the sexual love ballad, was dedicated to Mama Lou Whittaker (Lou’s Mom), who Andy said, “always had it going on.”  In the end, Andy dedicated a number of his tunes in Lou’s honor, including the ever appropriate “Ballad of a Junkie” and “The Comedown”, both of which contained elements of real love – the kind of love that grows between two men who both play guitars.

Andy Suhre- “Bacon & Eggs”

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Static & Messiah Check In

Former Southwest hip-hop staples and Spring Concert openers, Static & Messiah checked in with Sweet Baby Lou the other day, dropping some brand new tracks from their rumored forthcoming mix- tape our way.

However despite the new degrees the two emcees continue to perform and record this time trying their hand at the much larger Boston circuit, mixing the flavor of the 413 with the 617. This new batch of videos showcases what the dynamic duo, who are still signed by Illite Entertainment, have been up to over the past year.

Word is that a new mix-tape, the follow-up to 2008’s “The Legal Limit” should be on the way soon. For click read more to enjoy these new videos and relive old Sweet Baby Lou moments…

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Bella’s Bartok Sweeten up SBL

This past Wednesday Sweet Baby Lou got a “Sweet Tooth” mostly from all those songs related to sugar and honey, or perhaps it was all that purple drink we’ve been hearing so much about.

Either way, Bella’s Bartok helped to add their own personal brand of sugar to the mix staying for the entire two-hour show and oftentimes playing with complete disregard to the fact they weren’t on air. When on-air, their set included a healthy mix of their own originals “Zora” and “Party Song” alongside woozy impromptu covers of such timeless rockers as “Ziggy Stardust,” “Helter Skelter,” and “Sweet Jane.”

While three members short, Bella’s Bartok still packed the studio with nine members, an accordion, lots of horns, and enough foot stomping fury to power us through the night and the subsequent root canals.

Click read more to hear exclusive tracks from the set…

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Sweet Baby Lou & The Virgin Grilled Cheese: Part 1

Sweet Baby Lou & The Virgin Grilled Cheese Full Episode Recap

Charlie Felder and Pete Rizzo, your humble Reverends of Funk were at Sweet Baby Lou’s house for breakfast last week when the trouble started. Hear the clip below of Sweet Baby Lou’s miraculous discovery of the virgin mary, in a freshly toasted grilled cheese.

Segment 1: Sweet Baby Lou Finds Virgin Grilled Cheese

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King Brad the Conservative

Last week a certain dethroned king of UMass lore broke his media silence with a controversial appearance on Sweet Baby Lou. There Brad DeFluemeri, former head of the UMass Republican Club, and one of the principal persons to bring back the UMass Minuteman, not only dished out his thoughts on the current state of a nation in peril, but also graced us with some character acting.

Below you can find a series of skits that finds Brad wondering through a land of peasants and farmers, a king without a throne. Where he is greeted by peasants from the Land of the Left who demand a silly leader, with some pizzazz. Click below to hear the unexpected skits as well as call-ins and more.

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Sweet Baby Lou Descends into Madness

Artists Sketch of Sweet Baby Lou five hours after he escaped the Charles "Lucky" Luciano Reformational Clinic for the Dangerously Incontinent.

All songs feature the words “Crazy,” “Mad,” “Insane,” “Wild” or some variation of words denoting mental instability.

The Temptations- “Ball of Confusion”

Prince- “Let’s Go Crazy”

Pixies- “Where is My Mind”

The Doors- “Love Her Madly”

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