The Sweet Baby Lou & The Reverends of Funk, Sweet Baby Lou Memorial Funeral & Benefit Concert Radio Bonanza (Complete 6 Hour Show)

It has been over a month since Sweet Baby Lou Rodham Whittaker Jr. passed away, casting a dark shadow on all that is good and funky in this world. After his sudden and violent death, Lou left Pete Rizzo & Charlie Felder (the long-time co-hosts of the program and inaugural Reverends of Funk) as the heirs to his estate, passing on not only his collection of lint balls but also a multimillion dollar debt along with it. Thus it was order by the courts that The Reverends of Funk conduct a “benefit concert / good time medicine hour” in Lou’s honor. All this was devised in an effort to raise enough money to keep the beloved WMUA show on the airwaves and co-hosts Pete Rizzo and Charlie Felder from being executed.

With the help of some local artists (The Telephone Company, Andy Suhre, The Frills, Time & Place, Grex, Solo Sexx, Tom Wraight, Jon Shaver, Furious Replication, Harkness, and Midnight Blue — among others), what follows is the recorded record of what will become known as the “Sweet Baby Lou Memorial Funeral & Benefit Concert.” The six hour event which aired on May 5th 2010 from 12-6am can be heard below. For any tips on Lou’s murderer, who remains at large, please contact us.

Peace. Love. Funk.

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The Funeral Part 1: The Telephone Company

The Telephone Company and Sweet Baby Lou had a long tangled history, and the band took his passing much like the best of us… very poorly. The band, which currently holds the mantle of “Sweet Baby Lou’s House Band”, became only the second group to hold this moniker. The first was of course Lou’s own band, the famed Amherst funk troupe “Funkasaurus Rex.”

But as Reverend Greg Zapata aptly said of the Telephone Company, “They were his favorite band,” before adding “to steal from.” But despite this rocky history, when push came to shove, the Amherst band most lauded for their cleanliness chose to put aside the past squabbles in order to kick off The Sweet Baby Lou Memorial Funeral and Tribute concert as the event’s headlining act.

The first of two sets by The Teleco on this evening included a blistering rendition of “Cabbage”, the always somber “Comfort Mountain” and a kickass original track about the birth of Lou. On this original dubbed “1932”, lead singer Nick Bush categorized the anguish felt by millions of the funk faithful when he snarled “Cut short in the prime of life / oh lord it’s just not right.” It was a fond salute to a man who deserved much less.

The Telephone Company- “1932”

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The Mourning Begins

And now my friends, it’s time to face the truth. Sweet Baby Lou is dead, and there’s no coming back from that. With the news breaking live last week, Sweet Baby Lou was bombarded with call-ins from around the globe. Some were teary-eyed, others were just looking for their personal possessions and to collect their outstanding debts. However some notable call-ins were made including Funkasaurus Rex (Lou’s old band) Big Daddy Lou (his father) and of course a slew of seedy local characters.

Sweet Baby Lou is Dead Pt. 1: “The Phone Call”

“Joey” Lou’s Bookie

Big Daddy Lou (Lou’s Dad)

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Love Has No Pride

Sam Krentzman also had the misfortune of playing his tunes to a somber crowd on the night of Sweet Baby Lou’s mysterious death. However his songs more than fit the mood, with covers ranging from Leonard Cohen’s “Tonight Will Be Fine” to Bonnie Raitt’s “Love has No Pride” with some equally as impressive original tracks mixed in between.

Krentzman’s acoustic prowess stemmed the tears with his happy demeanor lifted up the spirits in the WMUA studio. However he did not succeed in rocking so hard that Sweet Baby Lou came back to life. For that we can only wag our finger, and tap our toes to these awesome tunes.

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Tune in Tonight! 4/21! WMUA! 12-2AM!

After last week’s “Worst Show Ever” Sweet Baby Lou are bringing our show back to new highs! And we mean highs! In honor of yesterday’s celebrations Sweet Baby Lou and the gang are off to look for that elusive green leaf with a playlist packed as tight as any bowl with some ganja inspired tunes. Our special headlining guests tonight OTV (Orange Television) and The Vocal Suspects will provide us with some in studio music to groove to, so let the smoke flow-eth from the speakers as Sweet Baby Lou “Gets High!”

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A Poetic Interruption

“To the Young Girl I Distracted”

A poem by: Michael McSweeney

I am sorry that I can’t smile back,
return the raised eyebrow, the shoulder tilt
you exuded in my direction
like a hot breath or a muted hello.

Stay with the sweatshirted mountain
studying engineering and blind love,
kiss the edges of his struggling mustache,
maybe even marry him–
he can make you warm
in ways that I cannot;
I’m just another nameless face
that passes through the wind hugging sidewalks.

more of Reverend Michael’s poetry can be found at

The Good, The Bad & The Skasome

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Last Week’s headliner for our self-proclaimed “Bad Show” was UPC Battle of Band Alums and local ska perpetrators,  Skasome Society. In their in studio appearance the band was frank about their recent local performances as well as their album “PC4PC?,” which is now available through Itunes, and laughed politely at our bad jokes.

The Society, which hails from Westfield, MA features six members, Rob, Frank, Sam, Dom, Kyle and the winner for best name, Scuba. No word yet on if this is enough people for a society, but it raises some questions. Regardless The ska-sters brought some much needed energy to the show adding some impromptu covers such timeless classics as The Star Wars Theme and Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” So sit back relax start your toe-tappin’.

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