Vocal Suspects Get High On the Radio

Stopping by to open our 4/20 dedication show, “Sweet Baby Lou Gets High” were local Amherst acapella-ers The Vocal Suspects. Made up of 17 UMass students (for full list see their website link below), The Vocal Suspects are UMass’ oldest co-ed acapella group (in years, not in age) and their interests include “charity work, recording, singing, and acting ridiculous” some of which they decided to showcase in the WMUA studio.

Armed with their arsenal of pitch perfect voices, The Suspects dropped a four song set complete with vocal stylings (both high and low) on acapella renditions of songs like 30 Seconds to Mars’ “Kings and Queens,” Billy Joel’s “And So it Goes…” and a triumphant finale rendition of the perennial stoner favorite “The Circle of Life.”

For full links to recordings from the set and to learn more about The Vocal Suspects and their upcoming “Worst Day Ever” on April 25th click read more below…

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Sweet Baby Lou “XX” Playlist

Last week Sweet Baby Lou held its first night dedicated specifically to all those holders of the double-x chromosomes out there. With a night dedicated to the opposite sex, our playlist of all songs that were named after female first names was quickly condemned as “chauvinistic” and replaced with some badass female rock ‘n roll. So what do we have? A playlist everyone can agree on… or at least listen to…

Click read more for full playlist and links to awesome live tracks below…

The Kinks- “Lola”

Foxboro Hot Tubs- “Mother Mary”

Neil Young- “Cinnamon Girl”

Death Cab for Cutie- “Cath…”

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Tune In ToNighT! 3/31 12Am-2aM


Get ready to pack your bags for a long bumpy ride as this week Sweet Baby Lou is going on a road trip! Cue the car honking noises. Along with a car packed to the brim with expert city/state themed song selectionsm, we’ve got the “(the unrelenting) ANDYHASABAND“, who will be playing tracks from their forthcoming album of the same name.

Guests, surprises, confetti! So bring some snacks and get ready for some awkward car conversations and shady rest stops. Oh and don’t forget to call in, or Morty Cardigan might just have to hurt himself.

WMUA Request Line: (413) 545-3691

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Stream Us Online at WMUA.ORG 12-AM-2am!

Click below for more Andyhasaband action…

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Jason Myles Goss “A Plea for Dreamland”

This new video from Brooklyn based songwriter Jason Myles Goss, filmed last Friday at the WMUA studios, showcases the Goss in full viewable glory, just a man and his acoustic guitar. This track, the title track from his recent album “A Plea for Dreamland” showcases his sharp vocal stylings and guitar picking skills. For more Jason Myles Goss, see his full Sweet Baby Lou session below…

Erotic Bibs, Skits & More

You know there’s that old saying, “if you dream it, they can make it” or something like that. Well we’ve been making our fake commercials for a long time here at the funk, and so far they we’ve yet to see “Human Breast Milk” or any of the wonderful products we endorse here on the program.

Until erotic bibs that is. They really have erotic bibs. So if you’re listening erotic bib makers, check this ad and that link. Also to you the humble erotic bib crafters I have this to say, we need jobs. And we will gladly help you market your truly bafflingly hilarious product.

For links to last week’s commercials and skits click read more…

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Jason Myles Goss, A Man in a Dreamland

Jason Myles Goss stopped by the WMUA studios for an exclusive Sweet Baby Lou / Daily Collegian Music session last Friday, before his opening slot for Lori McKenna at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton. In this warmup session, Goss a Brooklyn based musician, played cuts from his latest disc entitled “A Plea for Dreamland” which is currently available for download on itunes and through his personal website (see links below).

Apart from his recent album material Goss played a new song entitled “Heavy” which was one of the standouts of the session as well as Bruce Springsteen’s “No Surrender” before talking at length about the pros and cons of the Boss’ infamous butt covered album, “Born in the U.S.A.” Goss’ quiet acoustic guitar tunes are sure to set the mood according to new SBL correspondent Justin Gagnon, so get ready for the softer side of Sweet Baby Lou

For exclusive streamable tracks click read more below…

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From the Vault IX

A man in the wild of his heart

This installment in the illustrious From the Vault series goes all the way back to early February of this year, back when Sweet Baby Lou himself was busy descending into madness. Along with headlining act Time & Place we had returning poet laureate of the Lou, Shane T. Foster.

There he contributed some truly mind-bending poems that may in fact cause madness, however since madness is encouraged here at Sweet Baby Lou we implore you to open your mind and enjoy.

Full audio versions can be heard by clicking read more, and clicking on the links below…

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