Sweet Baby Lou Page: Outer Stylie

Outer Stylie Bio

Outer Stylie is a psychedelic hard rock band based out of Amherst, MA. Their sound is extremely dynamic and it takes their listeners many places, giving them an array of emotions and thoughts. In a short period of time Outer Stylie achieved promising success, which they plan only to be build upon. Since their debut album was released in April of 2008 they played a number of amazing shows, along with a national tour. One of the best shows that happened after their debut was Amherst’s annual Extravaganja Festival, which over 1500 people attended.

Currently Outer Stylie has added two new members and were able to display their new more experimental sound at Hampshire Halloween, a huge Halloween event held at Hampshire College where thousands attended. The new line-up and sound were accepted and loved by new fans and old ones alike and the immense crowd begged for a double encore. A new EP is in the works to fully display the dynamics of the new line-up.

Sweet Baby Lou Sessions

Sweet Baby Lou’s In Style- Spring 2009

Sweet Baby Lou In Critical Condition- Spring 2010


Cannabis Reform Coalition’s Battle of the Bands- Spring 2009


Outer Stylie- “Into Being”

Outer Stylie- “Dance on Your Face”

Outer Stylie- “The Werewolf”



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