Introducing The Jezebelles

Never before in the long and fabled history of Sweet Baby Lou have the stars aligned and a band has been created just for our show. That was until The Jezebelles came along and guested on our “Ladies Night”…er “Female Empowerment” night last Wednesday. Armed with a catalog full of newly(?) written timeless classics, the group specialized in lovely harmonies,  and mixed traditional folk covers (“I Know You Rider” / “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”) with hidden gems like their cover of Alela Diane’s “White as Diamonds.”

The Jezebelles, made up of three UMass students identifiable by Sweet Baby Lou as only (Ariel, M and Jordan*) took their name from the biblical story of Jezebel who was “a strong and assertive woman who defied aggressive males until her last breath.” So get ready to check out a set chock full of inspirational anthems and some serious girl power.

Check out links to the entirety of their set below…


The Jezebelles- “The Hope for Security is a Blanket”

The Jezebelles- “White as Diamonds”

The Jezebelles- “Know You Rider”

The Jezebelles- “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”


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