Sweet Baby Lou Descends into Madness

Artists Sketch of Sweet Baby Lou five hours after he escaped the Charles "Lucky" Luciano Reformational Clinic for the Dangerously Incontinent.

All songs feature the words “Crazy,” “Mad,” “Insane,” “Wild” or some variation of words denoting mental instability.

The Temptations- “Ball of Confusion”

Prince- “Let’s Go Crazy”

Pixies- “Where is My Mind”

The Doors- “Love Her Madly”

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Sweet Baby Lou Short and Sweet

Criteria: All song entries are under 2 minutes in length

The Beatles- “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road”
Muse- “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”
Elvis Costello- “Welcome to the Working Week”
Nirvana- “They Hung Him on a Cross”


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Oh Those Eternal Questions…

Enemas For All!

Our latest foray into the wild world of fake advertisements featured this advert for “AMHERST ENEMAS. The company pitches its newest advertising slogan “clean colons in under two minutes or your money back.” Isn’t it about time you thought more about your bowels?

Fast, Easy, Amherst Enemas

Customer Testimonial

Leisure Colony

Local Hampshire-ites and Happy Valley Showdown alums, Leisure Colony stopped by Sweet Baby Lou last week playing house band for the clan’s “All Songs Under Two Minutes” show. While the Colony kept things a little looser going above and beyond the time limit , especially on the amazing double song closer “This Magic / Josie,” Leisure Colony did an excellent job of showcasing their layered guitars and magical harmonies on this sharp Sweet Baby Lou set.

Exclusive songs available after the break…

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Sweet Baby Lou Page: Darlingside

Darlingside Bio

Darlingside is a string-rock quintet based in Northampton, MA. The band formed at Williams College, where they shared the stage with such acts as Guster, The Format and The Ken Oak Band. Darlingside’s sound is characterized by elegantly crafted cello-violin duets, soaring harmonies, catchy hooks and compelling beats. Musical influences range from Radiohead to Nickel Creek, Beethoven to Phoenix. Their first few months have been spent holed up writing new tunes in their crowded house (reminiscent of the Grateful Dead’s 710 Ashbury, except with less substance-abuse and more granola). These five multi-instrumentalists are amped to tour Massachusetts, the greater Northeast, and eventually Japan. Konichiwa, and we’ll see you out there.

Sweet Baby Lou Sessions

Sweet Baby Lou Ascends the Throne: Spring 2010



JP & The Redemptions @ Happy Valley Showdown

Check out the final act of last week Happy Valley Showdown, JP & The Redemptions. This track showcases the group’s trashy garage rock stylings at their very best.