The Dads Rock Away Our Pain

Little did Central’s foremost thrash-rock band The Dads know that when they walked in the studio it would be on the dark day of Sweet Baby Lou’s death. However The Dads did their best to cheer us up with songs about evil robot (“Robot Town”) and spaceships (“Bug Bomb”), even movingly dedicating “She Moves” in honor of Sweet Baby Lou.

The Dads also brought along America’s favorite dad,  coincidentally an old friend of Sweet Baby Lou’s, in the form of famed UMass alum Bill Cosby. Cosby was nice enough to support his favorite band and shared a few kind memories about Lou. All the while promoting their upcoming summer tour with rock ‘n roll legends, Kiss.

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The Wrath of God

WMUA’s favorite country bumpkins return with this 1 hour episode dedicated to horse hay and farmers and of course, good old christian country music. So get out your spittin’ bucket and get ready for the magic and movement of Bryan “Toasty Snow” Russell. This is outlaw country and darn it you ain’t gonna get your hands dirty.

Tune in Tonight! 12-2AM! OR DEATH!

Friends, acquaintances and other assembled well-wishers. At the present The Reverends of Funk have recieved several unconfirmed and largely irrational reports that our procreator, our mentor, justification for our own addictions, and personal friend Sweet Baby Lou’s life hangs in the balance. In limbo between life and death…

Will the show go on? It must, for we are contractually obligated. So if any well-wishers would like to call-in and support Sweet Baby Lou through prayers, anecdotes or if you have any outstanding debts to collect please join our vigil. In studio will be local Central trash-rockers The Dads, as well as lead singer Grant Wicks of The Walking Ghosts.

We are truly saddened. For support please contact us through the following means from 12-2am on WMUA.

Request Line: (413) 545-3691
Request on Facebook
Request on Twitter
Stream Us Online at WMUA. ORG (12-2am)

Sweet Baby Lou’s First Guest Returns

The Man, the myth, the eccentric. Bryan “Toasty Snow” Russell returned this weekend blasting through a set of rough and tumble acoustic material. The elusive Sweet Baby Lou alum, became our Delaware when he filled in for Raw Enamel after their cancelation becoming the inaugural guest of the show. Since then he hasn’t been seen around these parts. However lo and behold he dropped in on The Reverends with some exclusive new tracks. So listen and behold.

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OTV and Vocals Suspects Rock Alanis Morissette

What happened when Orange Television and The Vocal Suspects came together for an impromptu cover on last week’s show? Well the two groups with seemingly nothing in common, did have one commonality. A deep mid-90’s love for angst-y grunge goddess Alanis Morissette. The result was a surprising cover of the classic nihilistic anthem “Hand in My Pocket” with OTV carrying the music and the suspects doing their best Alanis.

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Mallory Live at Juggler’s Meadow

Mallory’s annual folk-punk circus and bonfire, The Juggler’s Meadow Festival was held last week  in Leverett, MA on 4/10/10 with Squinch Owl, Story., An Historic, Cud Eastbound, Mail Myself to Thoreau, Early Noise, Matt Fox and of course Mallory themselves.

This video finds the group playing the lead track off their stellar last album “strange homes,” “the house that you were raised in” in front of the festival’s roaring fires. For more videos click read more below. For Mallory’s great video stream 2sockpileup, run by the gentleman and scholar Evan Serio click here.

For more Mallory on Sweet Baby Lou click here.

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Amherst’s ‘Wings’ Get Saucy Love Ballad

According to Collegian columnist Dave Coffey* in his review of the Spring Comedy jam, the viral video producing quartet known as McClellz 4 U are a “comedy boy-band from the Amherst area.” This video finds the ‘autotuned’ dudes riffing about everyone’s favorite late night splurge over a hilarious mock R&B video. Enjoy. Oh and get some Honey Bbq wings.

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