4/20: This Day in History

April 20th, a day which has seen many prestigious events, bizarre discoveries and the myths and lore of both this great nation and abroad. The following is a series of shorts made for our 4/20 show. Each highlights a specific lesser known and often hilarious historical event. So let us be your pipe-smoking professors, and follows us through this day in history…

April 20th, 1836: The Wisconsin Territory

April 20th, 1986: Michael Jordan Sets Denny’s Record

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New Sweet Baby Lou Skits

The latest round of Sweet Baby Lou commercials feature new advertisements for everything from child labor to portable showers. We also have a sneak peak at Jack Black’s newest feature film heading to theaters this summer. Click the link below because you will not find this exclusive preview anywhere else.

Jack Black “The Midwife” Trailer

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Sweet Baby Lou Adds Some More Ads

Zeb’s Kitty Shavers! New to Amherst

Sweet Baby Lou brought out the road trip stories for last week’s show, and on the way got some exciting new sponsors with products you’ll have to own. Included in this batch are ZEBS KITTY SHAVERS, USED HOT TUBS, JED’S FUNERAL FUN TIME, and a new suicide hotline. Sweet Baby Lou, it does the body good…

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Historic Gloryhole Tour of Amherst!

But damn could that girl get down...

One of Sweet Baby Lou’s newest sponsors is one that’s sinfully surprising. When the Amherst Historical Society stated that it wanted to advertise a new tour with us, the Reverends didn’t ask the hard questions. But upon hearing this commercial we were stunned.

Apparently Amherst has many historic gloryholes, enough for a tour, and the newest tour features on the newly unearthed “Emily Dickinson Gloryhole.” So check out this ad and support the Lou as well as Amherst’s proud historic history.

Click read more below to hear the ad in full…

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Erotic Bibs, Skits & More

You know there’s that old saying, “if you dream it, they can make it” or something like that. Well we’ve been making our fake commercials for a long time here at the funk, and so far they we’ve yet to see “Human Breast Milk” or any of the wonderful products we endorse here on the program.

Until erotic bibs that is. They really have erotic bibs. So if you’re listening erotic bib makers, check this ad and that link. Also to you the humble erotic bib crafters I have this to say, we need jobs. And we will gladly help you market your truly bafflingly hilarious product.

For links to last week’s commercials and skits click read more…

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A Journey into the Mind of Man

Sweet Baby Lou: New York City, circa 1972

A lot has been said of ‘Sweet’ Baby Lou Rodham Whittaker Jr. the mysterious and oft misunderstood founder of Sweet Baby Lou & The Reverends of Funk. The facts of his life are often vague and paint a portrait of man whose life defies conventional terms like “gender” and “sobriety.”

Thus it was with great joy that the current Reverends of Funk found this trove of old diary entries by Lou himself. Though the entries are being read by the current reverends, fear not as the contents of these disturbing and often meandering  musings remain unaltered, adding depth to a man whose very being is intertwined with myth and legend.

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New SBL Skits

For all you Funkheads out there eagerly awaiting our next show, it’s our pleasure to announce that we will not be announcing it at this time. But what we do have for you is the latest round of skits from our sickness themed show. Our latest forays into skits/fake commercials have found Sweet Baby Lou forming advertising partners with shady kids camps in Mexico, Saliva salespeople and of course the illustrious pastime that is goat racing.

Raging Bull Summer Camp

Monty’s Saliva Boutique

Amherst Goat Racing

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