Sweet Baby Lou’s “4:20” Playlist

Last week Sweet Baby Lou dedicated an entire show in honor of the 4/20 holiday with a playlist dedicated to the wacky weed for all those herb-ivores out there in the radio world. The full list is listed below, but for now, enjoy the youtube links to some sweet live videos and music videos from our playlist stars Rick James, Broken Bells, and the ganja-gangsters Cypress Hill.

Rick James- “Mary Jane”

Redman- “How to Roll a Blunt”

Weezer- “Hash Pipe”

Outkast- “Crumblin’ ‘erb”

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Sweet Baby Lou’s Bad Playlist

For last week’s playlist we dug up all the bad tracks we could think of! Tracks with bad in the title, tracks that were just bad, and others that were just in bad taste. So check these live links to some truly bad live performances. Performances so bad, they just might be good.

Donna Summer- “Bad Girls”

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers- “Yer So Bad”

Tom Waits- “Bad Liver & A Broken Heart”

Tom Tom Club- “Genius of Love”

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Sweet Baby Lou “XX” Playlist

Last week Sweet Baby Lou held its first night dedicated specifically to all those holders of the double-x chromosomes out there. With a night dedicated to the opposite sex, our playlist of all songs that were named after female first names was quickly condemned as “chauvinistic” and replaced with some badass female rock ‘n roll. So what do we have? A playlist everyone can agree on… or at least listen to…

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The Kinks- “Lola”

Foxboro Hot Tubs- “Mother Mary”

Neil Young- “Cinnamon Girl”

Death Cab for Cutie- “Cath…”

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Sweet Baby Lou Goes to Hell and Back

Last week Sweet Baby Lou wound up caught in the gates of Hell, and it was up to The Reverends of Funk to return him home safely. From there they ventured through the seven layers of Hell, got caught in the Olivia Newton John vortex and took a left turn to Detroit. Oh yeah and there was some rockin’ tunage as well. Click read more to see full playlist below. Click individual songs to see live versions of these sinful staples…

AC/DC- “Highway to Hell”

Arctic Monkeys- “The Fire and the Thud”

Kings of Leon- “Pistol of Fire”

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Sweet Baby Lou’s “Sweet Tooth”

Sweet Baby Lou had a “Sweet Tooth” last week meaning we broke out all the songs related to that sugary sweet goodness. So here they are, all the songs that were sweet enough to fit and this list is a screwball with everything from Aerosmith to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs coming into play. Enjoy and relive the sweetness of Sweet Baby Lou again and again.

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Aerosmith- “Sweet Emotion”

Isaac Hayes- “Chocolate Salty Balls”

Flaming Lips- “She Don’t Use Jelly”

Blur- “Magpie”

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Sweet Baby Lou “In Critical Condition”

For Sweet Baby Lou’s sickness special Sweet Baby Lou found himself in a coma. A coma so bad he had to be rocked out of it. We haven’t received word yet whether this playlist was enough to the do the job, but go ahead, you’re the doctor, take a look…

The Hives- “Two Timing Touch and Broken Bones”

The White Stripes- “Bone Broke”

Cold War Kids- “Hospital Beds”

The Who- “Doctor, Doctor”

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Sweet Baby Lou “In the Friend Zone”

Sweet Baby Lou had a bad Valentine’s Day and it turns out that his search for the elusive seventh wife isn’t panning out as well as he thought it would. Therefore we dedicated this show to him with a “Friend Zone” theme, all clips and music dedicated to those sorrowful relationships that just don’t work out. So peep this list keyword: friends.

Biz Markie – “Just a Friend”

The Hold Steady- “Your Little Hoodrat Friend”

Flight of the Conchords- “Friends”

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