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Q: What is Sweet Baby Lou & The Reverends of Funk?

A: Though there is a much more expansive mythology, Sweet Baby Lou is at its least a weekly college radio show based out of UMass Amherst which airs on the campus station WMUA 91.1 every week from 12-2am on Wednesday Nights (technically Thursday). The show has been featuring and archiving both campus and local music since its (re) institution in 2007.

Q: How do I get my local band or student creativity featured on this site?

A: Sweet Baby Lou offers artists to showcase their material live on the show, and even offers more comprehensive recording sessions at other times which can be scheduled to your convenience. For more info click the CONTACT US tab.

Q: What kind of music do you play?

A: Each week Sweet Baby Lou and his reverends create playlists dedicated to themes such as “Beach Party,” “Jail” and other various shenanigans. There is no specific type of music played but the show tends to focus on rock music.

Q: This site looks great, but how do I use it?

A: Site navigation is easy. All the bands that have ever played on Sweet Baby Lou can be found under the side tab marked bands. Clicking on these links will lead you to our exclusive recordings and blog blurbs with links to site pages.

Q: I know Sweet Baby Lou, how do I find something specific?

A: Located on the right hand side is a bar that sorts our blog posts according to categories. For video links click the button marked video. For our trademark fake commercials, click on that link.

* Have a question not answered here? For more personal responses click on the CONTACT US tab on the main page.



  1. Does Sweet Baby Lou play birthday parties? Whatabout Bat Mitzvahs?

    • You can book him. No promises on whether he’ll even be in town on the day of the event. It’s a shot in the dark, really.

      • Can I get a Reverend of Funk to officiate at my wedding?

      • We’ll see what we can do. Lou was adamantly opposed to marriage, despite his 6 failed attempts….

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