A Poetic Interruption

“To the Young Girl I Distracted”

A poem by: Michael McSweeney

I am sorry that I can’t smile back,
return the raised eyebrow, the shoulder tilt
you exuded in my direction
like a hot breath or a muted hello.

Stay with the sweatshirted mountain
studying engineering and blind love,
kiss the edges of his struggling mustache,
maybe even marry him–
he can make you warm
in ways that I cannot;
I’m just another nameless face
that passes through the wind hugging sidewalks.

more of Reverend Michael’s poetry can be found at macsubhine.blogspot.com/


TUNE in 2nite! Midnight to 2am! Funk Madness!

Tonight Sweet Baby Lou is sending this one out to the ladies. With a playlist chock full of songs written for all those special someones out there, and headlined by the ladies of local hip-hop outfit and Daily Collegian Paper Jam emcees, Solo Sexx, this sure is sure to be a steamy evening in the studio.

That’s not all there’ll be guests, there’ll be surprises so surprising we don’t even know they’re happening yet (or do we?). Also we’ll be exploring the sordidly sexual past of Sweet Baby Lou himself, so tune in and get funky. As long as it doesn’t smell funky after…

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Skits from Hell!

The Devil has Sweet Baby Lou's Soul!

Last week Sweet Baby Lou was sent through the jaws of hell and it was up to the Reverends to return his soul. For without one’s soul, how does one funk? The following skits follow the Reverends decent through the seven layers of Hell on an epic quest filled with redemption, betrayal and flying bullets. Watch out for cameo appearances by SBL fans Bette Midler, Olivia Newton John, and Ellen Degeneres, oh and satan…

The Reverends of Funk: Layer of Hell 1

The Reverends of Funk: Layer of Hell (Screaming Land of Torture)

Layer of Hell 3 (Doorless Room with Howard Cosell)

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Historic Gloryhole Tour of Amherst!

But damn could that girl get down...

One of Sweet Baby Lou’s newest sponsors is one that’s sinfully surprising. When the Amherst Historical Society stated that it wanted to advertise a new tour with us, the Reverends didn’t ask the hard questions. But upon hearing this commercial we were stunned.

Apparently Amherst has many historic gloryholes, enough for a tour, and the newest tour features on the newly unearthed “Emily Dickinson Gloryhole.” So check out this ad and support the Lou as well as Amherst’s proud historic history.

Click read more below to hear the ad in full…

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Jason Myles Goss “A Plea for Dreamland”

This new video from Brooklyn based songwriter Jason Myles Goss, filmed last Friday at the WMUA studios, showcases the Goss in full viewable glory, just a man and his acoustic guitar. This track, the title track from his recent album “A Plea for Dreamland” showcases his sharp vocal stylings and guitar picking skills. For more Jason Myles Goss, see his full Sweet Baby Lou session below…

Erotic Bibs, Skits & More

You know there’s that old saying, “if you dream it, they can make it” or something like that. Well we’ve been making our fake commercials for a long time here at the funk, and so far they we’ve yet to see “Human Breast Milk” or any of the wonderful products we endorse here on the program.

Until erotic bibs that is. They really have erotic bibs. So if you’re listening erotic bib makers, check this ad and that link. Also to you the humble erotic bib crafters I have this to say, we need jobs. And we will gladly help you market your truly bafflingly hilarious product.

For links to last week’s commercials and skits click read more…

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From the Vault IX

A man in the wild of his heart

This installment in the illustrious From the Vault series goes all the way back to early February of this year, back when Sweet Baby Lou himself was busy descending into madness. Along with headlining act Time & Place we had returning poet laureate of the Lou, Shane T. Foster.

There he contributed some truly mind-bending poems that may in fact cause madness, however since madness is encouraged here at Sweet Baby Lou we implore you to open your mind and enjoy.

Full audio versions can be heard by clicking read more, and clicking on the links below…

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