The Mourning Begins

And now my friends, it’s time to face the truth. Sweet Baby Lou is dead, and there’s no coming back from that. With the news breaking live last week, Sweet Baby Lou was bombarded with call-ins from around the globe. Some were teary-eyed, others were just looking for their personal possessions and to collect their outstanding debts. However some notable call-ins were made including Funkasaurus Rex (Lou’s old band) Big Daddy Lou (his father) and of course a slew of seedy local characters.

Sweet Baby Lou is Dead Pt. 1: “The Phone Call”

“Joey” Lou’s Bookie

Big Daddy Lou (Lou’s Dad)

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Erotic Bibs, Skits & More

You know there’s that old saying, “if you dream it, they can make it” or something like that. Well we’ve been making our fake commercials for a long time here at the funk, and so far they we’ve yet to see “Human Breast Milk” or any of the wonderful products we endorse here on the program.

Until erotic bibs that is. They really have erotic bibs. So if you’re listening erotic bib makers, check this ad and that link. Also to you the humble erotic bib crafters I have this to say, we need jobs. And we will gladly help you market your truly bafflingly hilarious product.

For links to last week’s commercials and skits click read more…

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New Sweet Baby Lou Funkumentary

Shot by the News Producer of UMass’ UVC-TV 19 and Mistress of Funk, Emily Felder, this documentary focuses on Sweet Baby Lou’s recent “Friend Zone” episode and features cameo appearances by Mallory and The Frills. This 7 minute video finds the Reverends waxing nostalgic about their time at WMUA recalling their past and contemplating the bright future that is Sweet Baby Lou.

A Journey into the Mind of Man

Sweet Baby Lou: New York City, circa 1972

A lot has been said of ‘Sweet’ Baby Lou Rodham Whittaker Jr. the mysterious and oft misunderstood founder of Sweet Baby Lou & The Reverends of Funk. The facts of his life are often vague and paint a portrait of man whose life defies conventional terms like “gender” and “sobriety.”

Thus it was with great joy that the current Reverends of Funk found this trove of old diary entries by Lou himself. Though the entries are being read by the current reverends, fear not as the contents of these disturbing and often meandering  musings remain unaltered, adding depth to a man whose very being is intertwined with myth and legend.

Click read more to hear selections from the diary of Sweet Baby Lou

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Outer Stylie Bring the Sickness

The theme for Wednesday’s show was Sweet Baby Lou in Critical Condition and while we may have been in the hospital it was Outer Stylie that brought the sickness.

For their second Sweet Baby Lou session the boys, a one time trio, returned as a four piece this time adding rhythm guitarist John Duffy and new drummer Kyle Heon. The new members have been playing with the band’s founders Nate Martel (Guitar, vocals) and Tom Schack (bass) for almost nine months in their current incarnation and are about to release their first self titled album, due later this year.

Despite the difference in members, Outer Stylie retained their crown as Sweet Baby Lou’s loudest band, and though they didn’t pass their record for longest song (“Triphecta of the Moon” clocked in at 19 minutes) they did come close with their spiraling psychedelic jam “Into Being.” As guitarist Nate Martel said before ripping into this track “we want to take you there.” You should let them.

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Frills Live Performance Video

The Frills stopped by on our “Friend Zone” special dropping some shredding punk power all over Sweet Baby Lou. Here’s a cut from the set, “In Pencil,” the accompanying full audio version can be found by searching “The Frills” on our search bar or by going to the band’s myspace. Stay tuned for more videos from their in studio performance in the coming days.

Mallory Preview New LP on SBL

The members of Mallory show off their tuning faces

Last night on Sweet Baby Lou’s “Friend Zone” post-Valentine’s Day show Mallory stopped by to ease our pain with some new material. Showcasing a set of new cuts from their latest full length LP “Strange Homes,” the trio ripped through the new stuff, including one “so new they still had the lyrics in front of them.”

Featuring  Justin Fallon* (bass, guitar, vocals) Andre Ricard (guitar, lead vocals) and Niko Para (accordion, banjo, vocals) Mallory’s songs display a tight writing with witty wordplay and sharp tempo changes. For more information on their new multi-platform release (including ultra-retro cassette) check out their website and myspace listed below.

For exclusive tracks click the tab below.

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