Erotic Bibs, Skits & More

You know there’s that old saying, “if you dream it, they can make it” or something like that. Well we’ve been making our fake commercials for a long time here at the funk, and so far they we’ve yet to see “Human Breast Milk” or any of the wonderful products we endorse here on the program.

Until erotic bibs that is. They really have erotic bibs. So if you’re listening erotic bib makers, check this ad and that link. Also to you the humble erotic bib crafters I have this to say, we need jobs. And we will gladly help you market your truly bafflingly hilarious product.

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Jason Myles Goss, A Man in a Dreamland

Jason Myles Goss stopped by the WMUA studios for an exclusive Sweet Baby Lou / Daily Collegian Music session last Friday, before his opening slot for Lori McKenna at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton. In this warmup session, Goss a Brooklyn based musician, played cuts from his latest disc entitled “A Plea for Dreamland” which is currently available for download on itunes and through his personal website (see links below).

Apart from his recent album material Goss played a new song entitled “Heavy” which was one of the standouts of the session as well as Bruce Springsteen’s “No Surrender” before talking at length about the pros and cons of the Boss’ infamous butt covered album, “Born in the U.S.A.” Goss’ quiet acoustic guitar tunes are sure to set the mood according to new SBL correspondent Justin Gagnon, so get ready for the softer side of Sweet Baby Lou

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New Bella’s Bartok Video

This video showcases from last Wednesday’s “Sweet Tooth” episode finds Bella’s Bartok playing at their disheveled best with frontman Asher Putnam showing off his rock and roll face and guitarist James Bill dropping some serious lead guitar fury.  Bella’s Bartok delve deep into their influences for this track, a cover of a song written by Serbian born musician Emir Kusturica.

Sweet Baby Lou himself was very fond of the track, mentioning so in one of his trademark long rambling spiels while nodding in and out of his own conversation. He couldn’t quite recall the name of the tune, but kept uttering “Kustaritza” and saying “boy I really like those boys, men after my tastes, hey has anyone seen my methadone?”

So there you have it, watch the boys rock out at their raucous best, and for more tracks check out the band’s full plate of offerings available below…

New SBL Skits

For all you Funkheads out there eagerly awaiting our next show, it’s our pleasure to announce that we will not be announcing it at this time. But what we do have for you is the latest round of skits from our sickness themed show. Our latest forays into skits/fake commercials have found Sweet Baby Lou forming advertising partners with shady kids camps in Mexico, Saliva salespeople and of course the illustrious pastime that is goat racing.

Raging Bull Summer Camp

Monty’s Saliva Boutique

Amherst Goat Racing

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New Mallory Performance Vid

This choice cut comes from last week’s “Friend Zone” special, this video finds Mallory rocking through a characteristically raucous version of new song “The House That You Were Raised In.” For Mallory songs look below for their entire set, or just type “Mallory” into our search bar (upper right) for all sorts of cool Mallory related stuff. Enjoy.

Leisure Colony

Local Hampshire-ites and Happy Valley Showdown alums, Leisure Colony stopped by Sweet Baby Lou last week playing house band for the clan’s “All Songs Under Two Minutes” show. While the Colony kept things a little looser going above and beyond the time limit , especially on the amazing double song closer “This Magic / Josie,” Leisure Colony did an excellent job of showcasing their layered guitars and magical harmonies on this sharp Sweet Baby Lou set.

Exclusive songs available after the break…

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Sore Eros @ Happy Valley Showdown

Sore Eros playing live last Sunday night at the Elevens in Northampton. The electronic trio, which hails from the same town is seen here going the through the warm up motions of their set. More videos can be found on their official facebook or through the Happy Valley Showdown Facebook, and for a more in depth listen head to their myspace.